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What we offer


Comprehensive and Personalized care for your Pregnancy


Early and frequent communication with your midwife throughout your early labor. Home labor assessment "triage" visit as appropriate, direct admission to labor and delivery at the hospital if planned or needed for any reason.

  • Freedom of movement, freedom to eat and drink in unmedicated labors

  • Trust and patience/ guidance and support

  • Education about and alternatives to any proposed interventions

  • birth in any desired birth position

  • nvolve family and support members as desired by client

  • Optimal clamping and cutting of cord (cord blood collection for cord blood banking optional)

  • Golden hour of direct contact between the birthing parent and baby after birth

  • Suturing of 1st and 2nd degree lacerations

  • Bladder care as needed for  urine retention

  • Explore, examine, and store your placenta 

  • IV hydration therapy as needed for dehydration

  • Pain management using non-pharmacologic methods as well as medication per clients choice including Epidural (hospital only)

  • Birth pool (home birth only)

  • Coordination of care from home to hospital and communication with back up OB 

  • Much more!


Prenatal Visit Guide - can be adjusted to your needs:

  • Monthly visits till 28 weeks

  • Biweekly visits till 36 weeks

  • Weekly till 41 weeks

  • Twice weekly until birth

  • 24-hour availability of a midwife throughout your pregnancy

What to expect:

  • Visit with one or two midwives

  • Student midwife or nurse participation in care (you may opt out)

  • Short wait times

  • Hour long visits

  • Vital signs and abdominal palpation

  • Discussion about pregnancy symptoms, digestion, body comfort, prenatal nutrition, activity, emotional wellbeing, family dynamics, pregnancy support

  • Education about current stage of pregnancy and upcoming milestones and tests to consider

  • Blood work, urine tests, cultures (when appropriate)

  • Ultrasound if desired and appropriate

  • Referrals to doctors, chiropractors, doula's, childbirth educators, massage therapists, perinatal psychologists, physical therapists etc.


Postpartum care includes four visits. At each visit, the midwife​ or registered nurse will:

  • Examine you and baby and assess your physical and mental state

  • Discuss and offer assistance with breastfeeding

  • Provide you with necessary resources & referrals

  • Assess your set-up for safety, ergonomic soundness, and support for your recovery

  • Answer any questions you may have. 


Your first visit will be 24-48 hours after birth, wherever you are, home or hospital. 

Your second visit will be one week after birth at your home. Your third visit will be three weeks after birth at your home. Your last scheduled visit will be six weeks after your birth, and will take place at our office.


This is when we will discuss family planningcontraception, well-woman and preventative healthcare. We can perform a gentle PAP and HPV testing if you are due. We will also schedule a 3 month call to check in and ensure that you and your baby are thriving, or to share any resources that may help you at that time.


Well-Woman Care (GYN), Preconception & Family Planning


We will take time to review your options and help you select a birth control method that is safe, effective, and most importantly tailored to what’s right for you.


Discuss hormonal and non-hormonal methods of birth control.  


Birth control options include:

Counseling & instruction in the Natural Family Planning and Fertility Awareness Method               

Placing a Mirena, Skyla, Paraguard intrautering device (IUD)                   


Administering a Nexplanon Implant, and Depo-Provera shot.                   


Prescribing oral contraceptive pills. 


Preconception counseling can play a major role in reducing poor perinatal outcomes. 


Preconception counseling and education includes early health promotion and information to guide families in identifying risks and addressing those risks before pregnancy. 


Comprehensive health history intake, physical assessment (including Pap if necessary) and blood draws for lab work.


Analysis of nutrition, exercise/fitness, healthy weight, habits, lifestyle choices, environmental and other stress factors.


Individualized suggestions for folic acid supplementation, vitamins, medication changes, and optimizing control of medical conditions such as infectious disease, thyroid, diabetes, and blood pressure.


Fertility awareness, cycle charting, signs and symptoms of pregnancy, and pregnancy spacing.​


Well Woman Care is primary care for the low risk healthy woman and recommended to occur annually. Preconception Care is similar but more focused on conception.

What to expect:

  • An hour long visit

  • Discussion about your physical and mental wellbeing, nutrition, digestion, activity level, substance use, safety, work, body comfort, family planning goals, health goals

  • Time to address questions

  • Information about current healthcare trends and appropriate recommendations 

  • Gentle PAP, blood work, carrier screening, STI testing, urine, vaginal cultures as needed

  • Vital signs and weight

  • Physical assessment may include breast exam, pelvic exam (digital and or speculum), auscultation of heart and lungs, thyroid assessment, skin review etc.    

  • Prescriptions may be given for nutritional supplements, contraception, or other as needed. 


We can offer referrals to practitioners for related health care services such as mammograms, bone density testing, gynecology, primary care, endocrinology, etc. 

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