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We are available when you need us, from beginning to end and beyond.

We are certified nurse midwives and licensed midwives providing holistic perinatal and well woman services 

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Have you considered birthing this way? For clients in Los Angeles seeking the personalized care of a midwife in the comfort of their home, please consult with us to explore if a home birth is right for you and your baby. Know that safe hospital transfer is always part of a good home birth plan

Home Birth

Have you always envisioned your birth at a hospital under the care of a midwife? For clients seeking nurse midwifery care in one of the nations top labor and delivery hospitals please consult with us to explore if delivering at Cedars-Sinai is right for you.  

Hospital Birth



doula, low risk pregnancy, birth plan, pregnancy, free birth, wild birth, collaborative care,


My wife was having her first baby at 47 years old and we were nervous about her pregnancy and the birth of our baby at our ages. We were fortunate to know of Naomi and from the moment we hired her VERY EARLY in the pregnancy everything felt better and that we had a caring knowledgeable incredibly professional Nurse Midwife to guide us through this daunting process.

At the Hospital Naomi interacted with the staff and supported us for over 17 hours. She was professional and caring and very protective of the experience my wife was hoping for. I can't imagine going through this without Naomi.


doula, low risk pregnancy, birth plan, pregnancy, free birth, wild birth, collaborative care,


Naomi and her team are just amazing. As someone that was indoctrinated into thinking that hospital birth is the only safe way to deliver a baby, I was on board but skeptical. I had a lot of questions and concerns. Naomi took time with us to answer all these questions and concerns, so much more time than a doctor would've given us.

I am elated that we chose to have our second baby at home. It was so nice to be at home and to have Naomi and team there. They are so professional, have so much experience and knowledge, and made the whole experience so special for our family. I feel like Naomi is now a part of our family.



doula, low risk pregnancy, birth plan, pregnancy, free birth, wild birth, collaborative care,

I was very lucky to have Naomi be my midwife for my sons birth. I myself am a midwife and needed to change charge late in the pregnancy. Naomi showed up right on time and gave us excellent care. She really listened to me and I felt safe with her. I am so thankful that Naomi appeared in my moment of need and because of her support and skill I was able to have the birth of my dreams. One where I had autonomy over my body and felt heard. I will forever be grateful to Naomi.

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