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Hallmarks of Midwifery

The art and science of midwifery are characterized by the following hallmarks:

  1. Recognition, promotion, and advocacy of menarche, pregnancy, birth, and menopause as normal physiologic and developmental processes

  2. Advocacy of non-intervention in physiologic processes in the absence of complications

  3. Incorporation of evidence-based care into clinical practice

  4. Promotion of person-centered care for all, which respects and is inclusive of diverse histories, backgrounds, and identities

  5. Empowerment of women and persons seeking midwifery care as partners in health care

  6. Facilitation of healthy family and interpersonal relationships

  7. Promotion of continuity of care

  8. Utilization of health promotion, disease prevention, and health education

  9. Application of a public health perspective

  10. Utilizing an understanding of social determinants of health to provide high-quality care to all persons including those from underserved communities

  11. Advocating for informed choice, shared decision making, and the right to self-determination

  12. Integration of cultural safety into all care encounters

  13. Incorporation of evidence-based integrative therapies

  14. Skillful communication, guidance, and counseling

  15. Acknowledgment of the therapeutic value of human presence

  16. Ability to collaborate with and refer to other members of the interprofessional health care team

  17. Ability to provide safe and effective care across settings including home, birth center, hospital, or any other maternity care service

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